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Nesting, With Whitney Deal {Darling Dexter}

You've seen her wedding and you love her style, and now it's time to learn a little more about her nest! I'm so pleased to welcome Whitney Deal, and hope you enjoy the home favorites of this Darling blogger, photographer and designer.

What is the most loved housewarming or wedding gift you have ever received?
My mother-in-law gave us her china cabinet when we got married. It's a beautiful wooden piece that fits our style completely and is one our favorites.

What is the most loved housewarming gift you have ever given?

It was small but I loved it! I purchased Marimekko dish towels for a friend after her and her husband bought a house - nothing like a little pattern to add to your new kitchen.

Whitney's wedding invitation, photographed by Martha Manning.What is the most useful housewarming gift you have ever received?

Probably the Martha Stewart garlic peeler - that little plastic tool works wonders. (Unfortunately, it's no longer available!)

What is your favorite home item that you purchased or found for yourself?
My husband and I recovered an old ottoman we found at the thrift store. It was an amazing learning experience and has now become one of my favorite things in our house.

What dishware do you use on a daily basis?
Pyrex, pyrex, pyrex. We received everyday and fine china as wedding gifts last year but our favorite dishes to use in the kitchen are our pyrex bowls and plates that we've collected over the years. I love to mix and match patterns and colors.
Whitney's beloved Pyrex bowls and DIY recovered ottomanHave you ever registered for china or entertaining tableware {or treated yourself to it}?
Yes, we have everyday china from the Martha Stewart {Whiteware Collection}, and Kate Spade {Union Street} fine china. I love them both :)
From left: Martha Stewart Whiteware, Kate Spade Union Lane, and Union Lane on Whitney's own table.What is your favorite little treat {a certain type of flower, hand soaps, towels, sheets} especially for houseguests?
There is an amazing store in downtown Savannah called Nourish that I am hooked on. They carry a variety of handmade soaps that I always keep in our bathroom. That's probably my favorite little treat in our house.
A pretty table Whitney designed for Once Wed.What is your next dream or goal for your nest?
We love our home but we currently rent - so our next dream goal is to actually buy our first place together. Living in downtown Savannah, that isn't necessarily in our price range, but as we make our back to our home state of North Carolina eventually, we plan on buying an old bungalow in the mountains to fix up.

Reader Comments (6)

Wow, what beautiful style. Love the geometric print on the ottoman. So inspiring, I need to get a staple gun and recover a chair right now!

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