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Perhaps you noticed an absence here last week, and I just wanted to share a bit of what I have been working on!
I was very inspired by Marta's "you be you, i'll be me" endeavor a few months ago, in which she promised to share only thoughts, ideas, and items that she herself created on her blog. For an entire week. I'm not quite prepared to make that kind of commitment (neither my creative output nor my photography skills are en pointe).

But, a couple of recent projects have offered me that pride which only be derived from nimble hands fleeting across something other than a keyboard. While I love adding to this little silvered lavender space, sometimes you need to create something you can actually hold, you know?

Firstly, I have been flurrying (not to be mistaken for scurrying) to plan a special family event next month. I whipped up a batch of invitations, went to three postal shops to find the perfect postage, and addressed each one in pearl white ink. They came out nicely, and now I am trying my hand at creating these amazing menu wheels and these shimmery magnolias.

My next project was to organize the one thousand photographs and hundreds of letters that I have tucked away. I love to bind my own albums, and also want to give bound journals and address books as Christmas gifts. So, armed with incredible self-adhesive book cloth tape, I made two albums, an address book and a journal over the course of two evenings (it takes me about 1.5 hours per item at this point; I'm a beginner!).

Below, I've pictured the inside of one of my albums. It contains nearly 100 letters from my parents and my grandmother. While I was "away" at college (mind you, a mere hour from home!), my grandma wrote to me every week. Her envelopes often contained little news clips or comic strips, many of which I let go; but I have saved dozens of her letters, most brimming over with notes about her Red Hat Club outings, birthday dinners, and weather updates (again, mind you, I was just 70 miles away, experiencing the very same rain, snowstorms or sunshine as Baltimore :).

My family spent so much time making sure I knew I was missed at home, inquiring about my days, and keeping me up-to-date on their happenings (in addition to our near-daily phone calls).  These letters mean a lot to me now, and I can only imagine how precious the tidbits they contain will be in the years to come.

I used Paper-Source envelopes and stamps, and text blocks from Hollander's to create my books, complete with glassine paper inserts - a very nice touch!

Happy to be back this week, and composing some very promising posts. Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime!

Reader Comments (3)

I love your album! It's something I've wanted to do, but it seems so intimidating! Do you have any advice on how to make hand bound albums?

October 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjengee

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